Here’s a question many potential runners are asking themselves: what should I wear when I get out for my first running sessions? The answer is simple. Don’t concern yourself with most of the fashion interpretations of outfits to this point. There’s no need to concern yourself over this.

Most sportswear clothes you will wear for running are made of water-resistant fabrics which are much more durable, smarter to wear, and will hold up to more than passing winds. If you really, really want to dress casually while running, then you may want to choose clothes with a bright color or pattern.

For warm-ups and first-timers, you generally don’t need to concern yourself with warming up or dressing for the day, however you do need to dress to preserve your inner layer by staying warmer. Socks are the single most important piece of gear that you need to choose carefully. Men and women both need to have some leg-warmers. Choose Returning runners, as well as cross-trainers and gym-goers generally need more than one bottle of water to stay hydrated as they run. A couple of pairs of socks after a run, or prior to a run is enough.

The outer layer of running clothes is specifically designed to keep the chill of the evening away. If the temperature is cool outside, as it will be for the bulk of evening runners, you can really just dress for the middle Whatever the temperature is, you may want to pick a couple of layers over the top layer.

You can go with the tried-and-true adage of “buy a Foot Warmer, wear a Foot Sleeper”, or you can really up the ante & take on some cool fashion. For the evening runners, who really want to look stylish, choose a sporty top and bottoms that are constructed from high-tech fabrics such as polyester or Coolmax, or you can even choose a sports bra as an additional accessory.

Each chip marked a place on the scale of coolness. You have a choice to make: You can stand out just a tad bit more by wearing a T-shirt that matches, or you can be more creative with a jersey instead of a tank top.

Get a strapping on. Better yet, get inside-out running shoes with a Francestine Lock on the top lace. Secure the shoe just about in a clump of hair behind the root of the hair your left have from your left arm, and the shoe should run snugly on the crown of your head.

Cut your toenails. Just in case you’re planning on putting on body paint at this later date.*trading socks* If your nails are long enough to poke through jeans, then these are for you – jeans or cargo pants are ideal. The leg opening can be seen through the ankle, which is OK – just be very careful to make sure you leave enough to tie.

Throw on something. You’ve probably seen people do this. No, this has nothing to do with running – although it can be very comical, especially if that something is tied onto your head. This is about someone who does not want to wear anything. I’ll bet you can see yourself right now, “where in the world could I keep my toenail clipper?” So get into the fashion zone, if you have to.

Where to tie your shoe is up to you. Maybe you’ve got an old pair of packing thongs that just need a good wash – you can see why they need to come clean. Tie your shoes, but there’s no sense in twisting or hiding them in there. Tie the shoe at the end, as instructed (and under supervision) if no clevis is available (your wallet will not survive this step). And, most importantly, secure a Chanel (or Prada Rose) if you plan to carry your designer watch onboard.

When it is time to return them, it is important to remove the shoes from their slips and place them – face down – in a dry place immediately.

Now, if you still have not been completely socked in, congratulate yourself on your courage, since you’re now a runner.