Here is a list of the best-selling men’s sports watches by the manufacturer.

10. Omega:

Omegas sports watches are among the most well-known on the market today. Omega is a beautiful watch made mostly out of mineral solitude that looks great in a variety of lighting and conditions. They are a great choice for both men and women because they are built to last and won’t stop functioning simply because they get wet. They are also easy to read and can track your heart rate, pulse, pace, distance, and target heart rate with ease. There is nothing like knowing the time and date without expending quarters to a GPS unit or heart rate monitor.

9. Timex:

Fitting a Timex watch to your wrist was one of the first upgrades a runner could hope for. Designed before the digital clock era, Timex provided some of the most legible displays in their day in an era when digital displays were small and hard to read. Today, Timex has become a trailblazer in the smartwatch arms race, offering these features in a watch specially designed to work with an iPod or iPhone.

8. Leica:

One of the mysteries of the world was unveiled in 17 Sahara in 1787. This “mystical book” featured zigzagging gold fills engravings on a metal case decorated with withering Roman hoodies along with scale figures of people running and walking across the desert. Since then, Leica has become well known for developing one of the most technically advanced sports watches on the planet, one that can perform the standard battery run time tested computer calculations while allowing you to switch from minutes to hours, countdown, countdown timer, and stopwatch.

7. Citizen:

It’s tough to compare modern watches with those made by the citizen company. Citizens watch can range anywhere from the extremely low-priced $8 to $150, but can be easily distinguishable by their arched bezel style and high-quality ceramic case, or dial.

6. Breitling:

Breitling sports watches are often cited as the Swiss watch made from the purest materials. The initial Breitling watch was created in 1855, and though it had its rough points, it also contained the essential features that are still standard Breitling watches.

5. Omega:

Omega has been the grandmaster of analog watchmaking for almost 100 years, but it wasn’t until the 1970s when a change in technology brought Omega into the forefront of the watch industry. Omega won a bet with another watchmaker who thought they had superior technology. Omega believed they should give back. Competitor Omega created a plastic watch with the highest precision, powered by light, as well as a plastic uni-directional rotating wheel. The new watch was OmegaDaily and came in two varieties – sports and GMT.

4. Quartz:

Quartz watch made an enormous impact in the watch industry by selling watches with the Omega date codes for men, women, and children. Before, receivers of a strap usually had to stop momentarily before the watch could be read, but now, even a quick glance at the watch will show the current time.

3. Aston- Brewers:

The name Aston is so familiar it almost doesn’t need an introduction, but this watch company made a huge impact as the first to feature the miller logo. This watch company is still going strong producing some of the most technically advanced sports watches on the market. From the introduction of the original Aston, specializing in sports watches, to cutting-edge engineering, and created an industry-changing company.

2. Chopard:

Chopard developed a huge niche on the wristwatch market by selling the only running watch in the world that can be worn even for a run. The Aquacord Bullet is a seriously sophisticated watch and has since been designed for the running market.

1. Rolex:

Perhaps a tie-breaker between Breitling and Omega would be Rolex. Rolex was the first to introduce push-button controls in a wristwatch. Rolex introduced large and easy-to-read numbers and wore them on the right wrist. Rolex went bankrupt in 2001, but their niche market held on through the 2008 economy.