Welcome to Ultra Way Of Life,

This Blog is a window on some practice of running and the Ultra fond in particular.

Often seen as an extreme sport, addictive and dangerous for the body, we will see that, well practiced, running long distances can be a great source of balance and well-being , both in our body, in our our head only in our social life.

I see 4 essential benefits:

1. Develop and maintain high energy and a very good state of form.

2. Rediscover the connection between one’s mind and one’s body.

3. To fully feel our environment and the nature around us.

4. Exchange and evolve in a community of free and passionate practitioners.

As a great sports practitioner in my youth, I took up the race and the trail especially in 2009 after almost 10 years of ungainly life. Today, running has allowed me to find a natural balance between my different lives (social, professional, sports …), which gives me great confidence and great serenity for the future.

Through this blog, I hope to share some of this beautiful adventure and give you some ideas for your own progress.

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Have a nice trip,