5 Healthy Ways to Get a Summer-Ready Bod

Having a bikini body may be one of your goals for this summer, but it seems that you’re not even close to fitting into last year’s jeans. You’re not alone. And you shouldn’t lose heart because before summer ends, you can lose some pounds in a healthy way. If weight loss pills are not your type of thing, then this post should help.    1. Watch what you eat. It’s the most obvious advice for weight loss, but not many people are diligent in following…

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Natural Foods That Are Good for Your Skin

We all know how eating the right kinds of food can do wonders to our skin, but did you know which ones to include in your daily diet to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Here are the “superfoods” that you can eat or lather on your skin for a beautiful glow.   Fruits and Vegetables They’re first on our list and rightly so. Fruits and veggies are nature’s gifts to humanity and they provide the body with the best nutrients it needs. Feed your skin with…

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Tips for Using Sunscreen This Summer

Summertime is synonymous to enjoying the sun and sand (or pool) with friends and family. It’s probably one of the most fun-filled times of the year where you can bask in the heat and rays to achieve sun-kissed skin. Additionally, this season is the time to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent cancer and sun damage. Wearing sunscreen is a must and you should know how to best wear them this season. 1. Go double duty. The sun’s heat…

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Yoga Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide

A fit and healthy can be achieved with the balance of diet, exercise and good habits. For a healthier mind and body, you can also try yoga. With so many benefits gained from it, many people, young and old, practice yoga for a fitter mind and body as well as for healing and regeneration. Get started on the right foot by having the essentials ready and on hand. While yoga can be done without any equipment whatsoever, it helps to have some tools to make…

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Awesome Summer Outfits Under $100

Summer is here! Start off the season with fabulous outfits that are not only pretty, comfortable and flattering, but affordable as well. Feast your eyes on these mouthwatering summer outfits that surely won’t break the bank. With outfits under $100, you can look gorgeous in the sun every day!  Summer Dresses Summer Dresses? We’ve got plenty of choices here. From short sun dresses to the chic maxi dresses, you can get them at less than $100. Summer Series :: Dresses Under $100 The 10 Best…

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Fun Ways To Lose Belly Fat

If you dream of sporting a flat belly at the beach this summer or wearing a body-shaping dress at a party, you’ll have to do some heavy belly-busting exercises to lose that belly fat. But, if the mere thought of all those crunches, planks and sit-ups may make you want to just don your oversized sweats instead, don’t lose hope; losing belly fat can be fun! Check out these twelve fun and exciting ways to lose belly fat. They don’t give you flat abs in just…

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Getting Fit For Summer

If you’re most people, you’d probably be exhilarated at the thought of summer, basking under the sun in a hot bikini, an ice cold drink in one hand and a book in the other. While you can’t wait to become gorgeously tanned in the hot weather, you may also feel daunted by the thought of showing more skin while you’ve packed some belly pooch over the winter. Now, more than ever, you need to seriously think about getting fit for summer. Getting fit not only means shedding…

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The Huge Benefits Behind Anti Aging Creams

Aging is something that many people want to prevent, or at least slow down the process. With technological advances comes many products and services that offer a youthful appearance to those who avail of them. Among the most popular of these are anti-aging creams. The rage about anti-aging creams sprouted due to aggressive marketing and the need for many to stay looking young. As early as age 30, many people manifest signs of aging, such as wrinkles, brown discolorations, sagging of the skin, and poor…

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Our Favorite Summer Outfits

Ah! Summer this year is yet another event full of color and life. It shows in just about every fashion trend of the season. And while blacks and whites are still present in the palette, feast your eyes on the bright hues of the season! Here are out top picks for this year’s hit summer outfits to sport including some of spring’s favorite outfits that still work great in this hot season.  Reds! Who says that red outfits are out in the hot summer season? These super…

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The Impact Health Supplements Have On Your Body

Paying more attention to our health has been something that many of us are doing to ensure a better quality of life. Many even start young and live a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, adequate exercise and health supplements. Most health professionals recommend diet and exercise as the ultimate ways to get healthier and happier, but health supplements have always belonged to the gray area. There are conflicting beliefs about health supplements and people’s experiences vary with each type of supplements they take. What…

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